When Our Neighbour Farts

Farting is a natural physiological occurrence. It is the way our bodies get rid of unwanted gas build up in the system as intended by nature.

But let’s say you are sharing a lift with some other people and you uncontrollably let rip. Do you feel a certain amount of embarrassment and apologise for the stench, or do you chide the people for fanning their noses and holding their breaths?

Any decent human being who’s civilised would of course feel a degree of guilt for having caused others an inconvenience, even if it is because of nature. Unfortunately, progression in humanity has not eliminated barbarians amongst us.

Farts, also don’t necessarily come out of the ass…

Source : http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asiapacific/indonesia-chides/717798.html

And snubbing our offer to help saying that S$1 million is too little? 趁火打劫!

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