Sun Prove Your Love

The other day, I was having breakfast at a hawker centre near my home. I was seated next to an old couple. As the morning sun peeped through, it shined into the wife’s face. Her husband immediately got up and asked his wife to switch seats with him.

The wife said, “But you will be in the sun.”

Husband replied, “I am sun-proof.”

If the wife’s heart hasn’t melted, mine had. Felt so wonderful to witness this little act of love.

So I finished my hot bowl of noodles at double speed to let them move to my table which doesn’t require sun-proofing. I hope I’ll find that someone who I will gladly sun-proof for one day :o)

But the wife snuffed out any flicker of romance. Instead of thanking her husband for the selfless act with adoring words, she asked the following…

“Sun-proof like you put on sunscreen with very high SPF?”

I was mortified.

Unable to control myself after hearing such an eloquent articulation of affection, I stole a glance over my left shoulder to make sure the woman wasn’t a robot. I regretted the curiousity of my eyes. The woman was playing Candy Crush on her mobile phone the whole time she was talking to her husband!

Noodles almost splattered out of my nostrils.

I felt such a sense of injustice for the husband but he simply replied, “No SPF, just sun-proof.” He smiled even though his wife wasn’t looking at him.

Love, it’s the best all-weather protection.



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