Pump & Chill at SAFRA Mount Faber EnergyOne

Dumbbells are the clever man’s workout partner as they activate more muscle groups during training than fixed machine weights. Free weights such as dumbbells are great for building overall strength and mass. (To the man in the photo) But sitting there and staring at them dumbfounded is not going to get you pumped! LOL.

One of my favourite places to spend a weekend is pumping iron and chilling at SAFRA Mount Faber EnergyOne gym.

Nesting not far from Singapore’s green corridor known as the Southern Ridges, SAFRA Mount Faber enjoys a serenity that’s brought on by being close to nature. After a good sweat session at the club’s EnergyOne gym, I would usually follow with a leisurely swim and relaxing dip at the eye-candy of a swimming pool.

But my favourite part after all that exercise is settling into a hot outdoor jacuzzi and let the bubbles work their magic. It takes me about an hour to get to SAFRA Mount Faber, but the bliss is worth the journey!

The concise SAFRA EnergyOne gym has all its cardio and weight machines laid out on one level. As with all SAFRA gyms, the equipments are not closely packed together and there is plenty of space to roam.

The swimming pool adjourning SAFRA Mount Faber EnergyOne rivals any beautifully landscaped hotel pool in aesthetics but has the added advantage of being a functioning pool for some serious laps while offering a chillaxing atmosphere to laze by.

But my favourite part of coming to SAFRA Mount Faber is enjoying a soak at the outdoor jacuzzi. Instead of brunch, I caught up with my good friend Eugene (pictured here) for crunch time at the gym before soaking in the bubbling hot jacuzzi. It’s a great way to recharge for the new week!


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