How S$100 Can Improve My Life

Do you feel that the value of money is getting smaller? With inflation and the rising cost of living, our financial longevity hinge on prudent spending and honing our sniff for great bargains. And SAFRA has made it easier to stretch the dollar for its member with a tie-up with The partnership promises exclusive deals and premium products at up to 80% savings ONLY for SAFRA members!

From holiday packages to specialty dining, electronics, wellness accessories, lifestyle services and just about anything wholesome under the sun, the SAFRA members-only discounts are hand-picked to reward SAFRA members and their families.

Blessed with S$100 to spend, I decided to see how much that could buy me. I’m missing the shopping gene in my DNA so I hardly succumb to retail therapy but the attractive discounts offered by the SAFRA Deals had my fingers walking all over the digital shop.

I eventually settled on the Power2Roam Media Device which is a mobile power bank for my phone and camera as well as a Wifi router cum media broadcaster (original price : S$96.90, SAFRA Deal price : S$44.90); a pair of stylish KingTime Zipper Earphones (original price : S$69.90, SAFRA Deal price : S$19.90); and a Malaysian Lok Lok buffet dinner for 2 at Lim Kee Lou Shu Fan (original price : S$72, SAFRA Deal price : S$33.60).

If I were to purchase these items off-the-shelf without discounts, I would need to pay S$238.80 but I only paid S$98.40. That’s a whopping S$140.40 saved!

Of all the SAFRA Deals items, I chose these 3 because I need them although I wanted everything on the list! LOL. I needed the mobile charger as my current one takes a long time to store enough juice to charge my mobile phone for only 2.5 times. The Power2 Roam charger can power my phone for up to 22 hours.

I also needed the KingTime Zipper Earphones because I don’t own any earphones at the moment and the zipper phonics would really channel the adrenalin during my gym workouts. Or help me listen in to the Thai, Korean and Japanese language apps I have on my phone. As for the Lok Lok buffet dinner, I intend to enjoy it with my mum for some quality time over good food.

So that’s how S$100, though not much in today’s times, can still do a lot because of good deals. The deals are available to members only and you need a SAFRA membership to redeem them. That’s why it pays to be a SAFRA member!

SAFRA Deal items change frequently so it’s exciting to check back to see what’s available. I had wanted to book a Desaru hotel stay and insoles 3 days ago but when I log on again, those deals were gone. The moral of this story? Don’t wait or the deal may be gone!

Check out the SAFRA Deals at :


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