Fab by 40 – 3 Moves for Great Lower Abs

When it comes to the engineering of eye-popping abs, top marks go to those who aim low. For anyone who’s paid due diligence with sit-ups and crunches, attaining that 4 packs on the upper abdominal region is just a matter of time.

But for those lower 6th – 8th pecs to show, it takes more than just simple leg raises. According to my personal trainer Roy Chan, who’s an Exercise Specialist with SAFRA EnergyOne, getting the lower abs to show requires eating a high-protein-low-carb diet of natural foods, doing regular cardio exercises, and incorporating a dynamic series of lower abs exercises to keep the muscles from the navel down constantly challenged.

Here are 3 lower abs exercises that can be worked into any fitness routine to activate those deep underbelly muscles.

1. Knee Tuck

The exercise is done by sitting on the ball of your butt and pulling your torso and legs in and then extending them out again. Do as many reps as possible in 40 seconds. Perform 3 sets of this exercise.

When doing the knee tuck, don’t place your hands too far back but on the floor just below the thighs.

2. Scissor Kick

This exercise is the simplest of the 3 but it’s one of those things that has escaped hell. The Scissor Kick, also known as Reverse Flutter Kick, is performed by lying flat on the floor and placing the hands just under your butt (to protect your tail bone). Next, raise your legs and alternate your feet up and down.

Do as many kicks as possible in 40 seconds and perform 3 sets.

Keep the toes pointed when doing the exercise and raise your head slightly to look towards your feet.

3. Cross Mountain Climbers

As the name suggests, this is no walk in the park. The exercise turns my sweat ducts on quicker than my credit card statements.

Here’s how to do this killer workout… assume the push up position. Next, pull the right knee towards the left elbow, return to starting position, and then pull the left knee towards the right elbow.

Again, do as many cross knee-to-elbow reps as possible in 40 seconds and repeat 3 sets.

To get better results, contract and hold in your lower abs while doing the climbers. And keep your butt level with your back. That is, don’t hunch or sink your pelvis too low.

For a complete abs workout, the 3 lower abs exercises here should be combined with exercises to work the obliques and overall abs in the posts listed at the end of the post.

Here’s an example in combining the exercises into an abs workout sequence :

Stability Ball Transfer (40 secs) > Side Plank (40 secs each side) > Knee Tuck (40 secs) > Lying Hip Rotation with Stability Ball (40 secs).

Do 3 sets of this sequence with a minute’s rest in between sets.

I hope this series of posts on abs workouts would help you achieve an awesome mid-section to grate cheese on. All the best!

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