Spoof : IT Movie Poster

Me : I’m going to watch the movie IT at 3:30pm.

Mom : Why you want to watch a show of people eating?

Me : Not eat, it’s IT.

Mom : Eat what?

Me : Not E. A. T. “eat”, it’s I. T. “it”, a word you use to refer to an animal or a non-human object.

Mom : So what is IT?

Me : IT is a horror movie.

Mom : Oh ok. Don’t forget to eat after your movie.

This one’s for you mom…


When you are a horror junkie… and also a foodie. And you want to make mom happy.

Trying to mention IT’s movie title to my mum was a comedy of phonetic errors. So what the heck, for the fun of it, decided to spoof the poster of the 2017 adaptation of the Stephen King horror masterpiece.

The story is about fear manifesting as an evil clown that devours people, especially children. So naming the movie as “EAT” instead of “IT” sounded pretty apt as well. Next, it is to tackle the movie’s tagline – “You’ll float too.”

Well, if you eat too much, you will bloat. So ta-da, the new tagline was born! LOL.

The making of EAT ‘movie poster’… Laid out a table of food at Quality Hotel Marlow’s dinner buffet, held up my hand to pretend I am holding a balloon and putting on my most menacing IT face for a shot with the phone cam. But I ended up looking constipated. The prawns were laughing… 蝦 蝦 蝦 蝦 蝦

As for IT the movie, it was a heinous, delicious hopscotch between supernatural terror and real-life horrors. I hadn’t read the book nor watched the original 2-part miniseries in 1990 so I know nothing about the story or what to expect. Which was the best state of mind to watch the movie with.

The movie did well in sustaining my interest throughout its 2 hour 15 minutes screen time although I felt the bullies in the story were redundant, unless *spoiler alert* the head bully returns in the sequel as IT (yup, there’s going to be a Chapter 2). Not that I’m a qualified movie critic or anything lah. I just base my opinion on IT as a lay person who thinks in terms of the value of entertainment with the money I’ve spent. Heh heh

I’ve always liked clowns. Because they are comedy given a body. What’s more scary are people with sinister intentions who appear to be a friend, lover, confidante, politician or whatever, without hiding behind make-up, and blatantly devouring us because we couldn’t or refuse to see.

Then again, we create these monsters simply by caring too much. Because fear, I think, is the result of paying too much attention to something we cannot control.


IT 2017 movie poster. (Image Source : Online)

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  1. Scot
    Sep 11, 2017 @ 07:45:26

    But clowns are scary! And mean!!


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