Fangtastic Halloween at Singapore Turf Club

Halloween is a golden opportunity to horse around and I got a chance to literally do just that at Singapore Turf Club to celebrate this year’s hallow’s night. What an unusual venue for a heart-pounding Halloween party!

A good time up for grabs.

I’ve never stepped foot on Singapore Turf Club before this visit. Neither at its former racecourse located at Bukit Timah built in 1933 nor its current home at Kranji from 1999. The old race track has since been transformed into a dining and lifestyle venue known as The Grandstand while the Kranji club evolved to be more than just a horse-racing club but an exotic haunt for major events such as Singapore Symphony Orchestra concerts, lawn parties, ringside entertainment and holding private functions.

With the bubbly Fadilah who invited me to the Fangtastic Halloween party held in one of the Corporate Boxes with a 180-degree view of the race track.

马到功成,一马当先!Although I didn’t place any bets, it was quite a rush watching the horses and their jockeys try to out gallop each other.

Creative eats at the event… coffin-shaped salmon wiches that brings the carbo crave to the grave, crawlie sweets and spooktato mousse in beef stew.

The party’s theme was Halloween Glam and I don’t know how to mix glam and gore together, I was thankful make-up artists were on hand to add that spook factor.

Let me in!

Part of our night’s activities included a tour of the race arena and getting a close-up of the riders and stallions. I thought the ring would whiff of horse manure and wastes like most places that offer horse-drawn carriage or pony rides but it was thankfully stench-free.

Horse power on parade.

I’ve read that jockeys have a small stature so as to minimise load on the horses and maximise speed. It’s true!

一见发财!Looks like there’s an audition for sugar daddies going on. LOL.

We became the unofficial half-time entertainment for guests at the turf with our personas.

Halloween is the only time you can say that a horrific party is actually the best ever.

Having a fangtastic and ghoul time with new and old friends.

The thoughtful party was a cozy and intimate catching up session away from crowded clubs downtown and transportation was convenient as Singapore Turf Club is a short walk to Kranji MRT Station.

On the train, I finally revealed what had been hidden throughout the party…

Everyone can see the make-up outside, but only we know the devil within. Don’t let it eat you alive.

Happy Halloween!

Bata Spring/Summer Collection 2013

Mention “Bata” and the memories of schooldays come skipping gleefully back. For many in my generation, Bata was the must-go place before the start of every new school year to pick a pair of immaculately white school shoes to complement that new uniform, new schoolbag, new textbooks, and renewed examination terrors.

Bata was synonymous with school shoes. But not anymore. The shoe giant with a spot in the Guinness World Record for being the world’s Largest Shoe Retailer and Manufacturer recently launched its Spring/Summer collection and oh wow, what a buffet for the sole!

Bloggers were treated to an exclusive peek at Bata’s Spring/Summer collection and we get to pick a pair of shoes and a bag of our fancy!

With its first stitch sewn in the Czech Republic in 1894, the household brand has always been a rescue centre for my feet. Once, while at Toa Payoh Central, the sole of my right sports shoe divorced its cushy hull and I had a Cinderella-leaving-the-ball moment.

Thankfully, a Bata store was nearby and my feet had a fairytale ending. Another time, an all-terrain sandals gave up on me and Bata was my knight in rubbery armour.

So many Cinderellahs. LOL.

Why am I such a magnet for shoe malfunctions? That’s because I’m very loyal to my foot soldiers. It’s so hard to find a pair of shoes that feel comfortable so when I do, I wear them till they become giam hu (salted fish) and the seams are gaping.

Currently, I own 6 pairs of shoes (4 sports, 1 canvas and 1 leather) and a pair of slippers. Is that too much for a guy? But after looking at Bata’s Spring/Summer collection, I felt the impulse to own more.

Shoes, bags, scarves and belts… Singapore’s Carrie Bradshaws are spoilt for choices.

I am grateful to the good folks at Bata Singapore for inviting me to view this season’s collection together with Singapore’s many trendy bloggers and picking a pair of shoes and bag of my fancy! I’m not someone who’s really into shopping, but this I LIKE!

If I’m already thrilled, can you imagine what the promise of ‘free shopping’ must be doing to the ladies?

Juliana spotting an emerald suede clutch carry-more while Christine contemplates a tanned faux leather carry-all. Spunky or classy, there’s something of fancy to match every personality.

Some like it funky, some like it feminine.

Bling bling! Even sandals are gem-encrusted… Can use as weapons.

Shoes so soft, they can bend and twist like a second skin. Sundrops made me wish I’m born a woman.

My preferred fashion style places comfort first and matchability second. So my fashion choices are usually simple and conservative although I enjoy experimenting and playing dress-up once in a while.

However, my emulation of Gaga’s fashion principles usually ends up turning on the Haha decibels.

So what style am I rocking with Bata? Read on… 🙂

The sign says it. And my barcode t-shirt confirms it. Whatever my style and personality, Bata has shoes and accessories to complete the packaging of me!

Being an outdoorsy sort and avid traveller who adores nature, the rugged, earthy Weinbrenner collection was a natural draw for me. Weinbrenner has been around since 1892 and was developed with the safety of loggers’ feet in mind so durability and comfort are imbued in the brand’s design. But instead of looking like work boots, the multi-purpose shoes and bags got all their styles punk’d up!

The face of indecision. While I liked Weinbrenner’s offerings, I was also drawn to the business wear collection. One of my favourites was the Weinbrenner sling bag that would serve well as a carrier for my DSLR camera and accessories but the unique laptop bag with a crotchet texture was equally droolsome.

Adding to my indecision in picking out my style were these striking moccasin given a whimsical twist with raffia-isque laces. The colours can stop traffic! I almost went for the blue one…

… but I decided to go with something more corporate as I’m lacking in formal shoes. However, I didn’t want the traditional black walkers and eyed the brown collection. They all looked so handsome.

A very popular design amongst the guy bloggers was this pair of red-ochre Oxford/country shoes. It looks a little, for the lack of a better word, tacky, but when we put it on, it just exudes macho coolness. This shoe will definitely be a conversation starter!

So many styles, so many choices, how to decide?! I had such a hard time but I found my pair…

This is THE ONE for me. Love the gradual blending of tans with a simple yet elegant etching that flows along the shoe’s stylish silhouette. Strong. Understated. Yet won’t go unnoticed.

For the bag, I decided on a black laptop carrier that has a really cool design and 2 ways of carrying. Here’s one way…

… and this is the other. The one I’m holding is a showpiece as the bag is currently out of stock and I have to wait about 2 weeks to get it. Can’t wait to show it off in my office!

Great styles, good value! Juliana’s choice of shoes is this pair of neon flats that’s as effervescent as her character. We’ve been Bata-fied! Bata is the must-go place at the start of every fashionable year!

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