Shoe Me the Way!

But really, I would prefer their warm feet next to mine.

Because some feet don’t wear shoes.

Or their prints too sublime.

Small soles can sometimes leave the biggest prints!


Day 340 : Oops I Dick It Again?

Saw quite a few of these dried pods lying around on a grassy patch en route to work. This one really looked like a used organic condom.

Seems like Mother Nature had a wild night out judging by the size of that thing! LOL.

Day 327 : Going Bananas

The face that will launch a thousand slips.

If durian is the king of fruits and mangosteen the queen, then banana has got to be the court jester.  It being an accessory to comedy notwithstanding (think banana peel slip jokes), the yellow fellow must have a pretty good sense of humour to live with itself looking like a dick.

But when it comes to being a nutritional powerhouse, the banana is no laughing matter. So I try to include it in my daily diet to get a good those of Vitamin B6 and potassium to starve off those criplling post-workout calf cramps.

The new face of 80s pop band Bananarama? Or the chick that will get those Bananas in Pyjamas waking up with a wet spot? Maybe Bert will divorce Ernie after seeing this?

Today’s set of photos kinda happened by accidental. I was peeling the skin from the top down but it split at one side, resulting in what looked like loose lips. It made me laugh so I took a photo and since it resembled a mouth, I added eyes with LINE Camera’s Stamp function (the app can be downloaded for both Android and IOS) and got the 2 different faces – one come-hither and the other eager-perky.

Here’s another of the same pic made into something of a quote-card…

Love this quote I found on the web. It took me 2 readings to get the clever play with words. Here’s another banana joke…
Q : What do you get when you put 2 banana skins side by side?
A : A pair of slippers!

Hope this post put a smile on your face 🙂

Day 274 : 中秋之12淫肖


可是今年的生肖灯笼好像亮起了一筐淫荡风,蛮逗趣的。好,那就让我以有的眼光来欣赏吧!以下照片的提名有点 off-colour 和 R(A) 哦。。。


Doggy Style Fook

Hard Rock Cock






Playboy 兔


Horny Cow


Day 256 : Act Virgin

When it comes to “acting virgin”, no language describes it better than a Hokkien phrase that suddenly popped into my head today.

Pronounced as “lao chee gay way”, a word-by-word translation goes something like this… lao (old) chee (vagina) gay (pretend / fake) way (narrow / tight).

The phrase is used as an insult to describe people who pretend to be morally upright and uptight when they are actually the village bicycle, everyone has taken it for a ride. Me no like lao chee gay way people.

Day 229 : A Bad Sign During Ghost Month

7th Month, Seventh Month, Ghost Month, Pedestrians Crossing Sign, Singapore

The sight of these tents mushrooming all over Singapore signals the arrival of the Lunar Seventh Month, a.k.a. Ghost Month and Hungry Ghost Festival. I used to like this period when I was growing up because the whole island seemed to come alive with flashy getais and noisy biddings at these tented outdoor dinners. It was kinda entertaining watching the open-air performances or just listening to a bid-announcer going off-key or loosing his voice from all that shouting.

This afternoon, as I was wandering Jalan Besar after lunch, I came across this tent that has been set up in anticipation of the month-long festival which starts tomorrow. The ‘Pedestrian Use Crossing’ sign immediately caught my eye. Its position in the middle of the bidding stage looked comical.

Was this a case of the best solution out of a no-space situation or the latest art-installation-advertisement by the Traffic Police? LOL.

Day 226 : Necessary Pain

Really dread Mondays and not looking forward to work lately. Not a good sign. But it’s a necessary ‘evil’ that just have to be tolerated for the next 20, 30 years?.

On a random note, why does the Peace Lily’s stamen look like a weapon and so unpeace-like? An affirmation that war is the necessary evil for peace? No pain, no gain. More slain, more less complain.

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