Day 353 : Corridor of Shadows

Life is like walking down a HDB corridor at night,

sometimes there is shadow, sometimes there’s light.

My memory is also like this alternating path of shadow and light,

some things I remember, some parts merged with the black, black night.

Day 336 : ‘A’ Marks the Beginning

And silently, December has arrived.

Another year will soon become a shadow

As memories are stretched out on life’s path to dry.

“Avenge my shadows!” the tree of life cried.

Anguished by the tree’s bellow, the sun replied,

“Alert yourself to my rising and setting,

As I represent time.

At the point of my wake and slumber,

Aren’t your shadows at their longest and greatest number?

Already I told you live not by your shadow,

As they grow and wither,

And look at the magnificent tree,

Already tall, beautiful, and stronger.”

Day 320 : 雨不休





Day 191 : A Gem Lives Ahead

What lies ahead, what surprises await?

On our paths that aren’t straight, for our lives to be great.

We know love opens gates, so we hate to hate.

But inexperience makes us baits,

And heartbreaks abrade.

Hope saves.


Day 158 : Dark & Light

To the left, to the right.

At the junction of darkness and light,

I care not for which path is correct,

But take the side where love and mission unite.

Day 127 : Rainbow Sundae

I love your sloppy kisses, your eager pounces.

Your welcome by the door drives all my stressors away.

You are the Rainbow of my every day 🙂

Day 102 : Shadow Pet Talk

I am the rabbit. Who is the dog?

Why the rabbit? How come a dog?

When will rabbit? What will dog?

Wore this t-shirt to office and it said what I will never have the balls to say. The rabbit and dog is not part of the design but shadow-play. This post is just nonsensical ramblings after working till almost midnight today. Heh heh…

Day 053 : Leaf a Lie

Life’s too short to live a lie.

Too soon come the time to bid goodbye.

Live life!

For it doesn’t happen twice.

I think the long hours at work is making me dry. Like the leaf on the pavement that quietly lie. Its tip lifted as if refusing to die. Reminding me to find the moments to cherish life.

Can’t believe I wrote this post in rhymes. I’m so lame I want to cry. My brain is so damn fried! 😀

Day 048 : Much Blessed

A short break makes home feel that much sweeter.

An arduous journey makes reaching the destination that much fuller.

An open heart keeps the mind that much broader.

The bitter cold makes a candle flame glow that much warmer.

Tissue Clouds All Around

A nasal symphony is blistering my nose,
Tissue clouds soak up my viscous morose.
Saliva turned into a sludge of sand,
Scratching my throat like a rusted fiend.
Then the inner furnace starts to glower,
Turning on a heat that makes me shiver.
Thus the flu symptoms have all arrived,
Pray I’ll make it out alive!

感应中秋 2011

眼睛还没眨,又一秋了。每逢遇上这种情意丝篇的佳节,总觉得额外孤单,中秋月饼再甜,也吃不出味道。我本来就不爱吃月饼,但我喜欢在这风俗节度送月饼给心上人的家属。我这么做不是为了讨好另家的爸妈,而是为了要与赏心人的父母致谢,感谢他们制造了一个伴给我。这样的想法是不是很 soong? 哈哈。写了回读,还觉得有点恶心。

其实送礼什么原因都不重要,有心就好。我不是想说我是个有心人,但我很怀念心目中不单只有自己家人与两只狗的日子。。。唉,又 emo 了。


请你也祝我早日月圆花好,成双成对,不要等到饼皮发霉了,身材发胖了,到时想奔月,玉兔也说 no way 了!

Foggy Epiphany 雾中悟


The future is a foggy path that will be difficult to traverse for they who fear the unknown.
If we leave behind a colourless trail, even our shadows will cease to follow us.

HK Day 2 : Listen with Thy Eyes

香港… its name translates directly into Fragrant Harbour. That goes to say that if one hasn’t toured its famed harbour, one cannot rightfully be considered to have been to Hong Kong. It’s like going to Disneyland without seeing Mickey, or having hamburgers without ham.

While the Star Ferry provides an opportunity to experience the bustling energy of the harbour, nothing beats the cruise experience we had onboard The Bounty. With the gentle wind as our constant hairstylist, a sumptuous buffet spread, booze, and a spectacular 360° view of Victoria Harbour, we watched the buildings come alive in a neon technicoat as dusk faded to night. And at 8:00 pm, we watched the largest permanent multimedia light show, A Symphony of Lights, right at the heart of the action!

Bounty Rock!

The Bounty is a full-scale replica of the European H.M.A.V. Bounty where the most famous mutiny in British naval history took place. Here’s a quick historical timeline of legend and facts about this ancient maritime marvel :

• 1784 – The original Bounty was built for the purpose of trading.

• 1787 – Renamed “His Majesty’s Armed Vessel” Bounty and used to ship breadfruit plants. Captain William Bligh appointed as Commander of the ship and left for expedition to Tahiti.

• 1789 – Departed from Tahiti but a mutiny ensued. Captain Bligh was cast adrift and Acting Lieutenant Fletcher Christian took over The Bounty. Captain Bligh survived and became Governor of New South Wales while Christian settled on Norfolk Islands.

• 1978 – Replica of The Bounty was built for the film “The Bounty” starring Mel Gibson and Sir Anthony Hopkins.

With so much history, standing on the deck of the ship gave me a somewhat surreal feeling. I thought to myself, “So this is how a time machine looks.” And it stirred a sense of romanticism, a somewhat poetic experience of being at the crossroad where old world charm meets a modern voyage of the senses.

The muntiny of bloggers

Ahoy, Ahoy!

The 18th century beast awaketh for fresh deploy
As the stars envied of Poseidon’s magnificent toy
That replicated Bounty lusts for mortal joy

Onboard, all Aboard!

Its polished ancient skin glistens smooth and taut
Where on whence Captain Bligh a mutiny fought
But once again its sail-wings pregnant with the blowing knots

Aye, Aye!

What is this sight before our eyes?
These dancing lights and laser beams by our isles
‘Tis like songless sirens enchanting the sky

Heave-ho! Heave-ho!

Expanding bellies the pants no longer could hold
Filled not just by harvests but candour by the watering hole
And ten bloggers sailed this friend-ship far and bold

Seamless blend of old & new

For more photos, please visit my album A Lingering Fragrance.




The sunset was sky blue.
Yet with the loss of passion,
love’s an abomination.

The leaves fall in autumn,
as remembrance,
to nourish
and prepare the soil for spring.

A candle needs the night to shine.
Yet the deepest midnight
cannot heal my tortured flame.

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