Fangtastic Halloween at Singapore Turf Club

Halloween is a golden opportunity to horse around and I got a chance to literally do just that at Singapore Turf Club to celebrate this year’s hallow’s night. What an unusual venue for a heart-pounding Halloween party!

A good time up for grabs.

I’ve never stepped foot on Singapore Turf Club before this visit. Neither at its former racecourse located at Bukit Timah built in 1933 nor its current home at Kranji from 1999. The old race track has since been transformed into a dining and lifestyle venue known as The Grandstand while the Kranji club evolved to be more than just a horse-racing club but an exotic haunt for major events such as Singapore Symphony Orchestra concerts, lawn parties, ringside entertainment and holding private functions.

With the bubbly Fadilah who invited me to the Fangtastic Halloween party held in one of the Corporate Boxes with a 180-degree view of the race track.

马到功成,一马当先!Although I didn’t place any bets, it was quite a rush watching the horses and their jockeys try to out gallop each other.

Creative eats at the event… coffin-shaped salmon wiches that brings the carbo crave to the grave, crawlie sweets and spooktato mousse in beef stew.

The party’s theme was Halloween Glam and I don’t know how to mix glam and gore together, I was thankful make-up artists were on hand to add that spook factor.

Let me in!

Part of our night’s activities included a tour of the race arena and getting a close-up of the riders and stallions. I thought the ring would whiff of horse manure and wastes like most places that offer horse-drawn carriage or pony rides but it was thankfully stench-free.

Horse power on parade.

I’ve read that jockeys have a small stature so as to minimise load on the horses and maximise speed. It’s true!

一见发财!Looks like there’s an audition for sugar daddies going on. LOL.

We became the unofficial half-time entertainment for guests at the turf with our personas.

Halloween is the only time you can say that a horrific party is actually the best ever.

Having a fangtastic and ghoul time with new and old friends.

The thoughtful party was a cozy and intimate catching up session away from crowded clubs downtown and transportation was convenient as Singapore Turf Club is a short walk to Kranji MRT Station.

On the train, I finally revealed what had been hidden throughout the party…

Everyone can see the make-up outside, but only we know the devil within. Don’t let it eat you alive.

Happy Halloween!

Singorepore 2011 – Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Singapore

If there’s one thing I love more than watching horror movies is being in one! And with Universal Studio Singapore’s (USS) inaugural Halloween Horror Nights, my fantasy took to life in the form of cavorting with man-eating zombies, maniac clowns, butcher doctors, terrifying mummies and many more diabolical creatures from the realm of darkness. Awesome experience!

I’m so thankful I was given a ticket by my company, Digimagic Communications Pte Ltd, to attend the movie theme park’s first ever Halloween event. Our company is the producer of various experiential and multimedia stations at the recently opened Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), so my boss bought 10 passes in support of this event, as well as letting staff have some fun and gain exposure.

Now, at S$60 a ticket, it doesn’t come cheap. But IMHO, I think it’s totally worth it! Turning the place into one huge outdoor haunted destination with 5 scare zones, the ticket price includes admission into 2 thematic haunted houses and 4 rides to get your adrenalin boiling. Halloween Horror Nights terrifies over 2 weekends (21-23 Oct and 27-30 Oct) from 8pm – 12am.

Scare Zones : Carn-EVIL, Post-Apocalyptic Rage, The Void, The Edge of Darkness, and 44 Sins

Haunted Houses : Vengeance of the Matriarch and Pestilence

Rides : Battlestar Galatica CYLON and HUMAN, Accelerator, and Revenge of the Mummy

Carn-EVIL zone creeps with monstrous clowns and circus freaks... totally the kind of stuff nightmares are made of.

Real evil wears a checkered shirt.

Lights. Camera. Act cute while the rest scream! Show your best face of terror at this photo-taking set. The great thing is, it's free! Now, that's a reason to scream.

Post-Apocalyptic Rage zone.

Great staging to create a very immersive experience. USS closes at 7pm and takes only 1 hour to dress up the place for Halloween Horror Nights before re-opening at 8pm.

There are more than 300 scare actors to make the whole experience as realistic as possible.

All the actors were unrelenting in their portrayal of the ghoulish characters. Really first-class acting!

Who's Dead (That) Girl? Elisa was such a natural. Will the real zombie please put down your hands?

This actor was really physical and dramatic in his zombie act. Love it! I wonder where can I get contact lenses like these.

Atmospheric fog and lighting design ups the shock ante. Watch out for scare actors who'll materialise out the shadows to milk your screams.

Entrance to the Vengeance of the Matriarch haunted house. Absolutely freaking LLLOOOOOVVVEEEE TTTHHHIIISSSS! There was quite a long queue but totally worth the wait. The visage of the Peranakan mansion where the haunting took place was simulated with perfection and the boo! tactics were well executed. My favourite was a dining scene. I shan't tell you why so as not to spoil your fun. Heh. Do note that flash photography is not allowed.

Took the Revenge of the Mummy ride and again, absolutely freaking LLLOOOOOVVVEEEE TTTHHHIIISSSS! The great looking set and seamless blend of pupperty, surprises and visual elements made the indoor rollercoaster ride a thrill to remember. Opposite the ride attraction is the 44 Sins zone, a sort-of disco for guests to party. But who would stay at one place to club where there's so much to explore and the park closes at midnight?

My boss Donald says, "Mummy, it's finger licking good!" He was really taken with the mummy costumes and even resorted to 'feed' one of them with his tumbler of blood. But mummies feed on brains, not haemoglobin! Makes you wonder who's the real terror here, doesn't it?

Bringing the heat of hell to 44 Sins are these hot... erm... non-ghouls. I bet people would want to get closer rather than away from them. These 2 have committed the sin of being sexy.

The Grim Reaper with wings and in a Jesuit priest outfit? That's a first. Overall, my take of the Halloween Horror Nights was a 2 thumbs up experience!

I’ve never been to Universal Studios Singapore and I was really bowled over by the standard and fidelity to realism in this wonderland on steroids. My only grouse was that 4 hours isn’t enough time to explore everything that the Halloween theme event had to offer at a comfortable pace. Other than the Mummy ride, I didn’t get to go on the other rides and the ushers at the haunted houses were rather pesky coz they kept ‘pushing’ me to move along instead of allowing me time to take some shots.

Also, the rides and attractions can take some time to queue so do chrono budget if you’re planning to visit. Other than those minor misgivings, this fright conception seemed poised to take over Night Safari’s Halloween Horrors as Singapore’s next scream farm. 

Singorepore 2011 – FrightFest at Singapore Flyer

Time to stock up on fresh undies as the season of uncontrollable green stool is upon us again! Yup, Halloween is here and this year, there seems to be an unprecedented number of hell portals opening up all over Singapore. I’ve heard of at least 5 major Halloween scare attractions going on or upcoming, and numerous clubs pushing out theme parties on the Hallowed night.

So who will win in this fight to soil our inner wear now that the brandname who’s defined our local Halloween scene since 2007, the Singapore Zoological Gardens’ Night Safari’s Halloween Horrors, has bowed out this year because purportedly, its new interim CEO likened a Halloween event to devil worship.

I don’t believe eating chicken rice will make you a chicken or wearing a cross automatically turns one into a Christian.

But do I believe, with a little effort, money, and a lack of self-importance, Halloween is the best time to celebrate freedom of the mind and have fun! I mean, it is not often that we can don a costume and let our secret desire to be a superhero, sexy nurse, or anything we wish itself to manifest right?

Wig (S$14.95) and ghostly make-up set (S$9.95) from Toys"R"Us. White cream make-up (S$3.00) from Yeo GM Trading at Rochor Centre, #01-550. Cotton nightgown from a neighbourhood shop at S$5.00. Guts to wear this out on the street and take a cab... S$8.00. Balls of taxi uncle who dared take me as a passenger... priceless!

Not that I secretly wished to be a dead cliche, but the traditional long-haired female ghost given a twist in the Ju-on and The Ring movies was my favourite.  Plus, it’s easy to look the part. When I got the invite to preview Singapore Flyer’s FrightFest where dressing up was encouraged, I was toying with the idea of going as the recently deceased Amy Winehouse. Or Smurf. But I can’t find the Winehouse wig and tattoos in Singapore, neither the Smurf hats.

So I decided on Kayako. Many people are familiar with Sadako (Samara in the US remake), the creepy little girl from Ringu (The Ring), but not many know the name of the ghost housewife in Ju On (a.k.a. The Grudge). Both female spooks are somewhat identical so I’m killing 2 birds with one stone in this costume! 

Let me tell you more about Kayako so you can understand the above video better. In the Ju-on trilogy, Kayako was murdered by her husband in a feat of jealous rage. Her neck was broken and she was stuffed into a black trash bag before her body was stowed in their home attic. She wasn’t dead at that time and was gasping for air that’s why whenever she appears as a ghost afterwards, there’s a continuous rasping sound that follows.

Her husband killed their son, Toshio, and cat too. Since they died such a horrible death, their rage turned into a curse, which is what Ju-on (咒怨) meant. And anybody who steps into their family house, dies. You can watch the full movie of Ju-on at the end of this post. (Wei, don’t skip to the end now huh!)

A classic Sadako/Samara sitting pose. Imagine opening your door and seeing this at home!

Okay, enough about my obsession with one of my fave Asian horror title, let’s look at the happenings during the preview. Singapore Flyer’s FrightFest runs from 28 – 30 Oct 2011.

The ticket charge of S$25.00 entitles you a visit to the Journey of Dreams Pre-Flight Gallery, a chance to be spooked at the Rainforest of Horrors, and a non-alcoholic cocktail, the Flyer’s special concoction Halloween Brew.

Time to clown around with Kurumi ( and her friend. They are really cute and fun to befriend.

Rachel and her baby. Undisputedly the most outstanding costume that night. She was one of the 3 winners for Best Bressed. Totally deserved it! Really loved what she did to her baby prop and she told me this was the first time she's putting on Halloween make-up! Kowtow to her.

Tragic Ah Soh.

Before going on the Singapore Flyer, we passed through the gorgeous and highly interactive Preflight Gallery. The company I work for, Digimagic Communications Pte Ltd, produced the multimedia components in the gallery and yours truly wrote some of the contents on the exhibits. Though I worked on the gallery, that was the first time I visited it. I had wanted to spend more time to take photos but as with media previews, always very rushed.

Journey of Dreams allows visitors to discover stories about the Singapore Flyer while they wait to board their ride. Do check it out if you're here!

It was my first time going on the Flyer too. I can see the iconic circle from my room's window every night (even while I'm writing this post!) and finally, I got a chance to experience it. My virgin ride was given to this zany bunch of people. I couldn't have asked for better!

Here with Audrey Hep-B and Poca-hantu (or Poca-haunt-us?).

Come with me... Let's get up high above the Singapore skyline...

OMG! Zao kerng (wardrobe malfunction)! This photo is just so hilarious! I swear I didn't do it on purpose for the result in this picture.

Fantastic unobstructed night view of the beautiful Marina Bay area.

I'm so proud of my country!

A wonderful backdrop to make for a Halloween to remember. Bring your screams to a higher level!

Entrance to the Rainforest of Horrors where the award-winning garden within Singapore Flyer is transformed into a lair for well-known Asian ghouls. Here are scares with a generous serving of local flavour.

一见发财!One look will huat (prosper)! I used to watch so many Chinese zombie movies (such as 僵尸道长、一眉道人、僵尸先生,etc) in my younger days.

Hot gals from the 18th level of hades.

It was a media preview so the horror trail was not fully completed yet.

Christina ( and Hong Peng ( cozying up with a glass of Halloween Brew. The Flyer Lounge is the place to chill with a bevy of award-winning cocktails.

Joanne-Marie, my fellow travel buddy on a recent trip to Langkawi was ghost bustered in the white sack. She never looked better. Wahahaha...

The saying goes... hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil... but I say if you haven't met the DEVIL, you haven't LIVED!

I struggled for a long time as to whether I should dress up for the event or not as I didn’t want to be the only one in costume. But looking at the creativity, gungho-ness and effort by the many bloggers and their guests, I wanted to kick myself for not doing more!

Then again, dressing up shouldn’t be a competition, but the key to unlocking fun! May you have fun watching the full Ju-on movie where the inspiration for my costume came from…:)

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