Day 237 : A Generous Taste of Penghu

The surprises continue today at Penghu with a visit to the island’s city centre and heritage old street (澎湖老街) where we got in touch with our creativity and sampled some pretty wacky snacks only found here.

Penghu’s main island’s city centre is pretty compact and consists of just a few streets.

Tucked within the city centre is the old street that kept the heritage of Penghu alive where old trades still flourish, abett only as tourist attractions.

The 3 words read as Mo Ru Cha, which translates as ‘Caress Breast Tea’. I thought it meant tea with milk but no, the origin behind its name is an anecdote I found most amusing!

Got milk? Olden days streets were very narrow and barely accomodated 2 persons. So when 2 people cross each other in the alleyway, they’ll have to pass through by facing each other, thereby causing their breasts / chest to rub against each other. Kinky isn’t it?!

One of the best souvenir to bring home is one made ourselves. Here at Ah Fu’s Shop (阿福的店), we can exercise our creativity and tailor-make a personalised memorabilia of Penghu.

Angry owls? To the Taiwanese, owls are a symbol of good luck and protection from dark forces. These were made from pebbles found at Penghu.

Near Ah Fu’s Shop is the legendary four-eyed well (四眼井). There are a few reasons why this originally single well was split into four. Will share the wisdom over at Explore Life Lah!.

Next to the four-eyed well is the famous medicinal egg. I was told everybody in Penghu knows this store. Tried the egg and tofu… very flavourful indeed!

One of the must-trys at Penghu are these chocolates. What’s so special about them you may ask. Well, they are made from powdered seashells! The texture is somewhat different.

If you have a passion for love letters (egg rolls), getting a bite of Li Yang (丽洋) Handmade Confectionery is a must. The shop makes these gigantic love letters that are big on taste and stretches your jaw to the max! Here’s Anja, Producer of Yahoo Taiwan, showing us her hidden talent.

For a comprehensive shop to get local snacks as gifts, we came to Xin Tai Peng Hai Can where the tastiest tidbits are all gathered in one place. And the lady boss is quite a dish herself too! Heh heh. So shy taking photo with a pretty gal…

This cat was such a high strung pussy. Was wandering the old streets and came to an interesting guarded by this sulky feline. As I got close, it sat expectantly for me to open the doors so it can slip out. When I just stood outside and took its photos, the cat gave me a ‘smelly face’!

Penghu is rich in volcanic deposits, one of which is the mind-blowing Wen Shi (文石). The best place to admire these rocks is at Shih Yuen, a family-owned museum and gallery showcasing the wonder of these natural phenomenon.

Wen Shi are sedimentary rocks coloured by mineral deposits over thousands of years. The concentric circles look artificial but they are really natural formations. Amazing!

Fate. It’s such an abstract yet convenient concept to explain the randomness of life. Was given this peddle with the word ‘Fate’ engraved on it by the creator of this roadside stone gallery. I like this word.

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